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Germanized for WooCommerce module

The shipments feature that Germanized offers starting from version 3.0.6 can be used with your orders in the idealo platform.

Let’s have a deeper look at the topic.

Germanized for WooCommerce shipments

Germanized for WooCommerce lets you enhance the WooCommerce features related to the German market. The basic plugins can be downloaded for free here, but is also possible to purchase a Pro version.

The Germanized feature used by idealo for WooCommerce is about the shipments.

What is a shipment? Let’s explain this a bit better.

When a customer performs a purchase, WooCommerce lets you manage the order and some shipping settings in the admin panel.

But unfortunately it does not provide a full product delivery handling: this is where the Germanized plugin comes to your aid with shipments.

With Germanized for WooCommerce version 3.0.6 you can fully manage that feature.

For example this is useful when you need to fulfill an order through several different deliveries. This could happen because not all the purchased products are available at the same time.

In that case you will need to split the delivery using several shipments: sending first the products immediately available and later the others, with one or more shipments.

How to handle shipments in my shop?

You can find a link to the shipment list in the WooCommerce menu, as shown in the picture below.

Germanized Shipment list
Germanized lets you manage the shipment list related to your orders

And also within every order Germanized let you manage the related shipments with additional settings.

Shipments indide the WooCommerce order
Manage the shipments in the WooCommerce order

Each shipment created with Germanized can have its own shipping status, tracking number and can be associated with one of the shipping service providers added by WooCommerce admin.

For further info check the official documentation.

How the Germanized for WooCommerce integration works?

idealo has an internal module that provides a connection with Germanized for WooCommerce.

This means you don’t need to do anything: the module works as soon as you activate Germanized in your system.

So, when idealo for Woocommerce and Germanized works together, also the data related to the shipments are sent to the idealo.

This happens for example when setting the order status to Completed.

In fact, in that case, the shipments data from the order, the shipping provider name and tracking number, are added to the data sent to the idealo API.

So, you don’t need to enable the feature and also you cannot disable it through the WordPress admin panel.