New! – idealo for WooCommerce – The official idealo Plugin!

idealo for WooCommerce 1.0.0 is released

A new member of the Ipsyde family is now available in our shop: idealo for WooCommerce version 1.0.0 has just been released! 

This solution let you connect an idealo account with your WooCommerce store:  the smartest way to increase your profits while easily manage your business.

What is it for?

With idealo for WooCommerce 1.0.0 we want to provide a new tool that let you extend your WooCommerce store and hence empower your business.

When a business grows, usually the effort to manage it increases accordingly: in this case we refer to the idealo platform, and the sell that can be performed on through that service. 

What is idealo?

idealo is a price comparison service: you can open an account and start selling there your product.

idealo help the users in finding the best offer for the item they want to purchase, and the merchants in the German market can sell directly their products in idealo. More info are available here

What about the WooCommerce Store?

What if you want to sell your products in idealo and in your WooCommerce shop too? Should you manage your order in two different systems? Of course not!

In fact idealo for WooCommerce release 1.0.0 is the solution: you will be able to connect your WooCommerce shop to the idealo account, and then you will be able download the orders in WooCommerce and manage them there, as usual.

This means that when a customer purchases a product in idealo, or directly in your WooCommerce shop, you will manage the related order always in WooCommerce.

That means more sells opportunities without affecting your current workflow.

Changelog: Initial release!

This is the very first release of idealo for WooCommerce! Our team will continue to improve the plugin and hence the customer satisfaction.

We will work to solve any eventual problem, and to add new features in the incoming next releases.

Of course we always consider your feedback. This is for us the best way to guide the development of the future releases. But also the best way to provide a reliable tool that simplifies your workflow. We want let you focus exclusively on what really matters: your business.