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idealo for WooCommerce Release 1.1.0

idealo for WooCommerce version 1.1.0 has just been released! 

This release adds some improvements to the plugin and also fixes for some bugs detected in our testing sessions.

So let’s have a closer look to these changes.

“Revoking” status support

Starting from 31/03/2021 a new status in the idealo order is available: Revoking. In idealo an order is in Revoking status when a revocation request is received.

Hence we properly updated the plugin API in order to manage this new status. Since WooCommerce has no Revoking status, we mapped it as Cancelled in the WooCommerce order.

More info about the revoked status are available at Getting started with idealo for WooCommerce.

Using WC Action Scheduler

We implemented a new solution in order to synchronize the WooCommerce orders with the idealo platform orders: we rely now on the WooCommerce Action Scheduler library.

This is a reliable and flexible tool that provides a UI that makes support easier.

For this reason, we adopted such a solution for idealo for WooCommerce.

Handle license deactivation from the product pages

We found a bug when trying to deactivate the plugin license from the account page in the shop (My Account) .

In fact, performing this action, we were able to deactivate the license in the shop section, but not in the plugin.

Besides, trying to deactivate the license from the plugin led to an error.

The dev team analyzed and quickly solved the problem. It is now possible to manage the license also in the account section of the shops.

PHP 7.1 is no longer supported

In this new release we raised the minimum PHP supported version to 7.2.

idealo for WooCommerce, like many other software, has increased the PHP version in order exploit the interpreter at its best, and to avoid compatibility issues.

More info are available here: PHP 7.2+ UPDATE

idealo for WooCommerce Release 1.1.0 Changelog

The complete list of all the changes included in the idealo for WooCommerce Release 1.1.0.

  • Added:
    • “Revoking” status support
    • Sending idealo client info HTTP headers
    • Support and licensing servers
  • Changed:
    • GPL licenses in modules
    • Using WP transients for flash data
    • Using WC Action Scheduler
  • Removed:
    • PHP 7.1 is no longer supported
  • Fixed:
    • Handle license deactivation from the product pages
    • Fixed some minor issues in CLI output
    • Improve PHP 8 support

Here is the complete changelog.